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Spark Plug NGK-DCPR6E

Spark Plug NGK-DCPR6E

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Part Number:803507
Mercury #803507.
Check and set gap per owner's manual or the emissions control information decal if present.
See spark plug reference chart for correct usage.

Use for 2.5-3.5 HP Fourstroke 0R131842 and above
Use for 4-5-6 HP Fourstroke 0R411838 and above
Use for 8-9.9 HP Fourstroke 0R042475 and above
Use for 15 HP Fourstroke 0R235949 and above
Use for 20 HP Fourstroke 0R235168 and above
Use for 25-30 HP EFI Fourstroke 0R106999 and above

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