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Right-Hand Rotation Bravo 1 Long Tube Prop
Right-Hand Rotation Bravo 1 Long Tube Prop

15 1/4 x 26 Pitch | Bravo 1 LT (Long-Tube) Mercury Propeller | 8M0121601

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Part Number:8M0121601

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Need PVS Vent Plugs? (optional)
Bravo 1, FS, LT, OC, XC, XS Hub Kit (optional)
  • 4-Blade Prop
  • Pro-Finished
  • Stainless Steel
  • Right-Hand Rotation
  • PVS (Performance Vent System) solid vent plugs are included
  • A flared barrel (exhaust tube) lifts the stern for quick-planing and staying on plane at lower speeds.

    The Pro Finished Bravo 1 LT offered in one half pitch increments for extreme precision when dialing in engine RPM for maximized performance.

    The props are equipped with (4) adjustable PVS exhaust vent holes offering improved time-to-plane. The 4 blades support staying on plane during slow turns, great rough water handling, excellent mid-range acceleration and the longer exhaust tube can provide adding bow and stern lift for improved top ends speeds.

    Designed for single engine outboard powered bass, bay, and multi-species hulls with heavy loads.
    As multi-species boats get wider, longer and heavier and LT with its long tube can offer faster planing and trim attributes supporting the weight located in the front of the boat.

    The one-half pitch increments increase the ability to dial in the targeted RPM at WOT. Expect 75 to 80 RPM change for each half-pitch.

    The general rule is move up one-inch of pitch from a Tempest Plus or Mirage Plus and one and one half inch pitch up from the Revolution 4. 

    Hub Kit is not included.

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