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25 Pitch | Bravo Three Diesel Mercury Propeller | 4X3 Paired Set | 8M0074869 & 8M0074870

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Part Number:8M0074869 & 8M0074870 Paired
25 Pitch 4x3 Paired Set includes:
4 Blade (15.75 x 25 Pitch) Left-Hand Rotation (8M0074869)
3 Blade (14.75 x 25 Pitch) Right-Hand Rotation (8M0074870)

  • Designed for use on heavier boats high HP diesel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Durable Matte Finish
  • Hub Kit NOT Included
  • A large diameter four-blade front propeller coupled with a smaller diameter, three-blade rear propeller provides unmatched acceleration, tracking and handling with diesel applications. Extra cup built into the trailing edges of both front and rear props capture the torque generated by today's turbocharged diesel propeller for modern diesel engines matched to Bravo III drives.

    Key Features: Recommended for 260-350 HP diesel engines. Fit for use on standard Bravo Three, Bravo Three X and Bravo Three XR drives. Moving from the standard Bravo Three propellers to the Bravo Three Diesel props will result in one-inch pitch decrease to match the same RPM.

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