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20 Pitch - 4X3 Paired Set - High-Polish
20 Pitch - 4X3 Paired Set - High-Polish

20 Pitch | Bravo Three Mercury Propeller | HI-LUSTER | 4X3 Paired Set | 8M8022369 8M8022379

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Part Number:8M8022369 & 8M8022379 Paired

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2 Propellers - 4X3 Paired Set includes:
4-Blade (16 x 20 Pitch) Front Left-Hand Rotation (8M8022369)
3-Blade (14.4 x 20 Pitch) Rear Right-Hand Rotation (8M8022379)

  • For application in use of boats 21' length and longer
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hi-Luster Finish
  • Hub Kit not included
  • Exclusive use on MerCruiser Bravo Three sterndrives

    Bravo Three features 4-blade front, 3-blade rear set that offers better acceleration performance and enhanced holding.

    Twin-propeller, contra-rotating system is standard equipment on Bravo Three drives. A large-diameter four-blade front propeller coupled with a smaller-diameter, three-blade rear propeller provide unbelievable acceleration, straight tracking, fuel economy, and precise handling around the dock

    Mixing with old style (pre 2008) three blade front three blade rear Bravo Three propellers is not recommended.

    Link to Bravo Three XR Propeller

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