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About Inflatable Boats

Comfort and Safety

All Mercury inflatable boats are equipped with standard features that make time on the water fun and safe.

About Inflatable Boats (Pick Out Your Boat)
At Mercury, we are dedicated to manufacturing the finest marine products in the world. Our line of inflatable boats is no exception. Mercury Inflatable Boats utilizes the most current and highest-quality processes in the industry. This commitment to building a top-of-the-line boat is at the heart of our High-Performance Product Development (HPPD) philosophy.

Mercury Inflatable Boats have a low center of gravity because of the shock-absorbing tubes which result in a softer, smoother ride and a more comfortable boat compared to other inflatables the same size. Mercury Inflatable Boats have trademarked Quick-Lift end cones to reduce planing time and bow rise, and supply ample buoyancy and lift at the transom, to create a more stable ride. To top it off, Mercury Inflatable Boats are very lightweight, extremely fuel-efficient and easily maintained - allowing you time to enjoy family fun in your 'go-anywhere' boat.

Soft Bottom
Mercury Inflatable Boats offers four models that can be easily collapsed and stored in a carrying bag to eliminate storage issues or the purchase of a trailer. The Roll Up and Air Deck models can be deflated and collapsed without removing the floor systems used with the boats, resulting in little to no set-up time and a very compact storage option. The Sport and Heavy Duty models are also collapsible, but have floor systems that need to be removed to allow the boat to be stored. The Sport and Heavy Duty have the standard carrying bag and a carrying bag for the floors used in the boats to allow for easy storage as well.
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Rigid Bottom
Mercury Inflatable Boats offers three models of RIB (rigid inflatable boat) which still allow portability but also focus on performance. They provide increased hull strength with the exceptional stability of an inflatable boat while maintaining the low overall weight. RIBs are not collapsible and require storage on chocks, davit systems, in the water or on a small trailer.