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Lightning ET

  • 150-300 HP High-Performance Racing Propeller
  • Stainless Steel
  • 3-Blade Prop
  • Hub Kit NOT Included
  • Use:
    1-inch propshaft hub kit 835258K1
    1.25-inch propshaft hub kit 840389K06

    Designed to run 60+ MPH, enhances bow lift (not as much as Chopper II) to reduce drag, possible high engine heights, for use on high-performance vee-bottom and air entrapment hulls. Fits Mercury 4.25, 4.75, Racing Torque Master & Sport Master gearcases. Made from the new X7 alloy, rated to 300 HP. Check trim tab for propeller clearance. As a general rule the Lightning ET 26 inch pitch runs similar engine RPM when using the 25-inch Trophy Plus.

    The Lightning E.T., first introduced as an outboard drag racing propeller is providing top performance in a variety of boat applications (bass, flats and modified vee bottoms). Besides delivering an incredible hole shot and awesome acceleration, the Lightning E.T. also produces natural bow lift, reducing drag and increasing the efficiency of the boat. This adds up to higher speeds and better fuel economy, requiring less engine trim.

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