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A meet up with some of Mercury's great engineers

Posted by on 3/6/2019
A meet up with some of Mercury's great engineers
There is nothing better than spending time with some great minds of former Mercury Marine engineers. Retirement for them does not stop the flow of new ideas. The gears in their minds keep rolling reaching for new projects to accomplish.

Jim Merten Jr. recently met up with Neil Newman and Owen Russell over lunch. Neil and Owen both have outstanding and impressive lifetime accomplishments.

Neil Newman published a book a few years ago mainly for his family called "Some Observations and Experiences of a Lifetime" and kindly gave a copy to Jim Merten Jr.  Neil talked about his life as VP of RUPP, his relationship with Kiekhafer, his time at Mercury, and personal stories with his family. Years ago Neil found time to develop and patented a horse fly trap called Horse Pal still available for sale today. 

Owen Russell not only spent many years at Mercury Marine as an engineer but held a certified commercial pilot license and was a certified flight instructor who worked for Mooney Aircraft for a period of time accomplishing the design, fabrication, and development to the point of certification of a new model aircraft using the new Continental "Tiara" engine. Additionally, Owen has a strong interest in car engines having had worked for Ford Motor early in life and still loves to rebuild and restore cars.

Pictured in photo are:
Left to right, Jim Merten Jr., Owen Russell and Neil Newman